Edit to Salaterre Project Book – SINK

The artists from SINK have made a design change to their poetry collaboration. We are going to publish a new version of SINK and will keep you posted with the publication date.

The new version will have more images from January 1 –  February 25, 2024

Book II, will be published after the new version of Sink.  The second book is from February 26, 2024 to April 10, 2024.

Playing with Graphics for the Book 1st Train.

Poetry Book: SINK – Poetry from the Fire Swamp

Publication Date for Soft Cover / paperback March 31, 2024

We are proud to announce the publication of the first poetry book for the Salaterre collaboration. The book will be available on Amazon on March 31, 2024.

The book will be available in Hard Cover, paperback and Kindle. The photgraphy in the book is by Storey Tarris UK

Cover for Sink – Poetry from the Fire Swamp

Fox Raven Press Projects for 2024 / 2025

List of Fox Raven Press Literary & Art Projects

We have been creating websites for google to find and now we are getting ready to add the project information. Artists, Art photographers and writers may submit to the open calls or subscribe to all of our submissions

  • The Next Stop End Stop Poetry Competition – Focused on one memory created in Transit. Competition opens March 31, 2024.

  • London Desk – Urban creative non fiction and photography Submissions open on May 15, 2024

Each literary / art project has a dedicated website and publication.

Storey Tarris – Commuter Series 2024 – Salaterre Project

Month 3 / Week 9 of Poetry Collaboration for Publication – Salaterre – 52 Week Collaboration

The third month of poetry is underway on Salaterre

Below is one of the poems by Emmy Horstkamp and the collab photograph by Storey Tarris UK.

The collaboration, between the writer and artist, has a collection of photographs photographed each day and three to five poems written per day. The website, Salaterre.com, shares some of the collaborative art pieces for this 52 week project based on the topic of commuting.

The poetry/art book scheduled for publication will contain a poem for each day and an art piece created for that day. The collaboration is on week 9/52.

A mist rising, doors closing, sun beams relaying.
Monday started.
Evaporating with the morning, spring arrives.
Year's week nine.
Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series – March 4, 2024 (Monday)

Storeyean Poetry / Mechanical Confusers/ January 11 / 2024 / By Emmy Horstkamp

8 - Debate over. Move Prevailed, - CAUSE - 
7 - Elaborate why for judgement - rationality and saneness discouraged.
6 - Lapse of think through culture discourse.
5 - Infinity point justification regarded defense.
4 - Basis of excuses confused.
3 - Emptiness manufactured, synthetic.
2 - Reaching unrealness,
1 - Amplified.
2 - Tears dusted.
3 - Expanded and waterless,
4 - Vexed wearisome mechanical confusers,
5 - Object jumbled - out of order
6 - Idea to contaminate sensible onlooker observing.
7 - Clear the witness looking, listening to morsels.
8 - Established nonentity mediocrity created through zilched voided formations.

By Emmy Horstkamp 11/1/2024 SE7
Storeyean poem – Mechanical Confuser – Image by Storey Tarris UK January 11, 2024