A New Collaboration Between Storey Tarris UK and Emmy Horstkamp

collaboration between Emmy Horstkamp and Storey Tarris

As part of the Salaterre project, Emmy Horstkamp and Storey Tarris UK have decided to collage a book into a creative non-fiction memoir about the morning.

A photograph is a thousand words so a one hundred page collage is one hundred thousand words. The artist and writer are extracting the words from the collages and the poems.

The book series is called Collaged Life and begins with a book that is complete collage titled River Boat Life. River Boat Life: Collaged by Storey Tarris (Collaged Life) is a collaged book that transforms over the months into a book that is word based.

as new collages are added to the series along with the words taken from the Storeyean poems, new books are published.

The new collages replace the old collages and will be their own book at the end of the series.

The book is currently only in Kindle form.

RAGs Now Available on Amazon

RAGs now available on Amazon in papereback and on Kindle. The collaboration team is working on the collage of SINK (the first version ) so that we can upload a new interior for the book. This is the first time we have uploaded an interior edited in this manner.

Here is an example of one of the collage edits:

SINK and RAGs collaged together by Storey Tarris UK – new interior of SINK (version one)

Poetry Book: SINK – Poetry from the Fire Swamp

Publication Date for Soft Cover / paperback March 31, 2024

We are proud to announce the publication of the first poetry book for the Salaterre collaboration. The book will be available on Amazon on March 31, 2024.

The book will be available in Hard Cover, paperback and Kindle. The photgraphy in the book is by Storey Tarris UK

Cover for Sink – Poetry from the Fire Swamp

Storeyean Poetry / Mislaids Caught / By Emmy Horstkamp / January 9, 2024 / SE 7

8 - Men walking regarding together vacant wated used up worn-outs.
7 - Aloud they say too little too late
6 - Meager parade of incapables showing airs.
5 - All striding heeding nothing caught.
4 - Missing glances, richocheted glimpses.
3.- Elsewhere, looke elsewhere.
2 - Minds - not.
1 - off -
2 - Removed reasoning
3 - Incomplete memories reloaded.
4 - Excusable wrongs pondered instead.
5 - Stone-cold ferocity pitched/heaved everywhere.
6 - Outside set considdered shaken looking unglued.
7 - Unwavering rejection a repulsive cold shoulder smack.
8 - Tapered off savagery, no hardsies rejected by mislaids.
by Emmy Horstkamp 9/1/2024 SE7
photograph of poetry – Foxravenpress.com

Storeyeab / Labels, Leaving / By Emmy Horstkamp / January 7, 2024 / SE7

8 - Super off-peak ticket valid for the direct train.
7 - Salient stop for the day is printed : CBY
6 - Urgency discarded. Sunday crowd is accidental.
5 - Paramount for the day - nothing.
4 - Extensive. Endeavers never seen;
3 - Relevant. Reactions require
2 - Labels. Leaving -
1 - Material
2 - Pressing on
3 - or not, OK?
4 - Rubric on the board.
5 - Testing yardstick for anybody looking.
6 - Accessing probing thought without an inquest.
7 - Nameless eyes gazing at personas, temporary stand-ins
8 - Token day - A non carbon copy verification is negated.

by Emmy Horstkamp 7/1/2024 SE7


Poem| Something Dark Fades | Emmy Horstkamp | 2024 | January 2 | SE7

8 - Imply something as morning darkness echo fades.
7 - No longer seeing speculations - glass showing everyday.
6 - Nagging tug at my eyes, eye-sight.
5 - object-orientated, your selfish desire stopped,
4- Narrated life, abandoned detente 
3 - Obligation eradicated full-stop 
2 - Naïveté tortured.
1 -  nave-me 
2 - Obedient, racketed,
43 - tete a tete 
3- Yakkety-Yak yap at, 
5 - Obsessed circle of observable axis,
6- udometer set like film covered…adulterated.
7- Radial distance set at world somewhere far.
8- Something implied. Now work days forever passing for existence. 

Emmy Horstkamp 02/01/24 SE7  Poetry Project by Storey Tarris UK